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At the end of the course unit the learner is expected to be able to:
a) Understand the process of innovation and creation of technology;
b) Know the procedures and mechanisms for protection of research results;
c) Formulate a business strategy in the fields of technology and information systems and assess the potential of this one;
d) Understand the legal process of companies’ constitution and registration of brands and patents;
e) Select the best and most appropriate options for business financing;
f) Prepare a business plan.
IP Coordinator
José Adriano Pires
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Department: Entrepreneurship Office
School of Technology and Management
Campus de Santa Apolónia
5300-253 Bragança - Portugal
Phone: +351 273 303 009
Fax: +351 273 313 684
Key Dates
IP Date:
06/07/2014 to 19/07/2014
Arrival to Bragança:
Departure from Bragança:


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