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The cycle of studies correspondent to Licenciado degree is composed by 180 credits of students’ work and has a duration of six curricular semesters, except when the access to some professional activities requires 240 credits of students’ work. In these cases, the normal duration may be extended to seven or eight curricular semesters, according to what is required by the Portuguese and European legal framework, or consolidated by higher education institutions of reference in the European context.

Please, note that the first part of each course code number indicates the IPB School where the academic programme is taught:
3041      School of Agriculture (Bragança Campus);
3042      School of Education (Bragança Campus);
3043      School of Technology and Management (Bragança Campus).
3045      School of Public Management, Communication and Tourism (Mirandela Campus);
7015      School of Health (Bragança Campus);
The learning agreement for students in international mobility should include only course units taught in the same campus (Bragança or Mirandela) since these two cities are 60 Km far away from each other.


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