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- Safety of metal, wood, composite and concrete structures and components, under normal and exceptional conditions ( e.g fire, earthquakes, vibrations, etc.);

- Eco-construction techniques and technologies;

- New mechanical devices to harvest olives and nuts;

- Devices that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy as competitiveness factors;

- Biodiesel production;

- Wireless control systems for managing water supply;

- Development of new communication infrastructures;

- HVAC systems developments;

- Innovative illumination systems;

- Management and control systems for the factories of the future;

- Robotics applied to industrial processes;

- Processes for aluminium welding;

- Signal processing, artificial vision, analysis and synthesis of normal speech pathology and speech processing, biomedical imaging (EEG, ECG and EMG signals);

- Information and communication technologies applied to elderly care ( e.g devices for detection of falls);

- Business information management systems for new mobile platforms;

- Rapid prototyping, including 3D printing;

- Current-voltage curves tracer for photovoltaic modules and rows of modules (patented);

- Separation processes to obtain products with high added value, with applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries;

- Microencapsulation of bioactive substances for various applications (textiles, leather, food and cosmetics);

- Polyurethane foams and thermoplastic composites based on crop residues (e.g, from olive groves);

- Development of water-based adhesives compatible with food products;

- Biodegradable and smart polymers;

- Innovative cosmetic products;

- New technologies for the removal of organic pollutants;


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