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Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies


- To promote research in social, human, economic and management sciences as essential to address today's contemporary societal challenges;  

- To study and develop social, economic and political inclusion through interdisciplinary points of view, technological advances and organizational innovations;

- To promote the study of cultural heritage, collective memory, identity, integration, interaction and cultural translation;

- To develop horizontal matters such as promoting smart, sustainable growth, social, cultural and behavioural changes in society;

- To contribute to the creation of an inclusive digital ecosystem based on knowledge and information;

- To develop research in pedagogy (pre-primary, primary, preparatory, secondary but also in the artistic, sports and leisure, and translation areas);

- To contribute to the study of the relationship between economics, businesses, social and ecological systems in the context of sustainable development.


- VALEU: Validation of immigrants’ vocational skills and competences in tourism and services as an integration warrant in the EU.

- "Pé Verde".

- "Portal dos Catraios".

- "Mexa-se em Bragança".

- "Idade + Saúde".

- "PróActivos".

- "T.I.N.A.".

- AdolesCiência Magazine: Journal for Junior Research.

- "Protocolo Procuradoria Distrital do Porto - IPB".

The reorganization of local governance: financial impacts of the local administration reform green document.

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