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Agricultural Sciences/Biosciences

- New biological processes for pests, diseases and invasive species control in agricultural crops;

- New nutraceuticals, functional foods and food supplements;

- Functional properties of mushrooms and wild plants;

- Development of innovative food products ( e.g based on mead, fermented meats and olive oil/olives);

- New technologies for food preservation (e.g. medicinal plants, mushrooms, olive oil, etc.);

- Valorisation of wastes from the agro-food industry (extraction of compounds with high added value, development of new materials, composting , etc.);

- Food quality, safety and authenticity;

- Optimization of plant production systems, including biodiverse pastures, soil fertility management , etc.;

- Techniques for sustainable management of dryland olive groves;

- Tools for assessing the impact of agricultural practices on the sustainability of the olive groves;

- Monitoring of soil processes and sustainability in mountain areas;

- Strategies for minimizing "safra" and "contra-safra" in olive groves;

- Biological fight against chestnut cancer by hypovirulence;

- Organic farming and integrated protection mode vegetable production;

- Organic honey and cattle production;

- New technologies for monitoring sanitary conditions of bee hives and bee products;

- Woody biomass for energy production and energy crops;

- Flexible sensors for simultaneous measurement of various parameters;

- Technologies for assessment of air and noise pollution;

- Analysis of the life cycle in the context of environmental management;

- New antitumor and anti -angiogenic compounds.


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