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Smart, Green and Integrated Transport


- To  contribute to the creation of an efficient transport system in terms of resource usage, environmentally friendly and safe;

- To contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases emission, among other adverse environmental impacts;

- To contribute to reduction of fossil fuels dependency;

- Optimization of transport operations for efficient use and management of resources and structures;

- To develop new mobility concepts, to develop transport, logistics and planning solutions that improve efficiency and reduce air pollution and noise in urban areas;

- To develop advanced production processes providing customization, reducing life cycle costs and reducing development time;

- To develop activities supporting policy analysis and development, particularly on socio-economic aspects of transportation, and promoting innovation activities to meet the challenges posed by transportation systems.


- Total isomerization process based on zeolite membranes for increased octane index in gasoline.

- Dispersing billiards and applications in aerodynamics of rarefied media.

Researcher Profiles:

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Target Sectors/Organisations

Urban environmental quality, including monitoring using multiple sensors that provide data that is later analysed with GIS Software. Land Use Planning and Urban Issues such as: urban climate, noise, air pollution and waste management. Environmental management: energy and materials balances, life cycle analysis. +INFO.

Local and Regional Administration;
Food Industries;
Industry in general.

Performance assessments, data mining, data analysis and statistic methods and demand planning. +INFO.


Measuring GHG and air pollutants fluxes through the atmosphere/vegetation/soil system, by means of micrometeorological (eddy covariance, concentration gradient) and chamber methods. Monitoring and modeling air pollution and air quality. Studies on carbon cycle and dynamics, especially related to CO2 and H2O exchange measurements in soil/vegetation/atmosphere system, both in urban and rural environments. Studies on urban system issues, with special focus on environmental functions of urban green spaces. life cycle analysis of food products. +INFO.

Local and Regional Administration;
Food Industries;
Industry in general.



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