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Information and Communication Technologies


- To contribute to improving access to, use and quality of, information and communication technologies (ICT) , including the promotion of e-commerce;

- To accelerate the positive impact of increased ICT usage on the average rates of labor productivity and total factor productivity;

- To develop new ICT products and services, and a new generation of components and systems;

- To contribute to the development of advanced computing techniques and technologies, and of the internet of the future;

- To develop information and content management technologies.


- Portability and performance in heterogeneous parallel systems.

- IGIDE: interactive global illumination in dynamic environments.

Local alarm: hives protection system.

- Remote monitoring systems for water supply - development and installation of a technological solution for automation of water collection, supply and storage systems in the City of Bragança.

Alarm Box.

- ALNMOBILE: development and implementation of an integrated mobile management platform.

Researcher Profiles:

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Target Sectors/Organisations

Intelligent and adaptive complex cyber-physical systems: the application of distributed artificial intelligence systems, such as multi-agent systems allows to introduce some important and demanding features in large-scale complex engineering problems, such as flexibility, robustness, reconfigurability, adaptation and responsiveness. These approaches shift the control paradigm from typical centralized approaches, which are no longer enough to address the requirements imposed by emergent and global environments, to an alternative way to design such systems based on the decentralization and self-organization of individual intelligent and self-adaptive entities. +INFO.

Smart grids;

Distributed Systems. Research and development, with a broad scope, of distributed system focusing, particularly, in peer-to-peer and distributed operating systems. +INFO.


Expertise in ICT and new collaborative networks concepts, use of Game Theory tools to study markets in which firms have to take decision on quantities to be produced, prices, etc. High experience in the construction of techno-economic models for next generation access networks and decision support systems. +INFO.


Intelligent systems on a chip: creating intelligent algorithmic solutions suitable to run on inexpensive microprocessors. This approach allows us to develop standalone devices that show intelligent behaviors and help in the daily tasks, saving energy or giving support to the elderly people. +INFO.

 Health sector;
Electric power companies;
Communications companies.



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