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The ICM project foresees incoming and outgoing student mobility with emphasis for double diploma (DD) programmes between the IPB and the Partner HEIs. The European HE best-practices are used to prepare and to monitor student mobility.

Partner students:
Before mobility: Partner HEIs select the students according to a transparent and documented process, following the prerequisites agreed by both institutions. Students should: a) be enrolled in the sending HEI in the area and study cycle defined in the agreement; b) have finished the number of curricular years and credits requested for mobility, mainly for DD programmes; c) be proficient in Portuguese or English (B2 level). The student curriculum, the academic record, and the motivation for mobility are valued in the selection process. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds or with special needs are encouraged to participate. IPB Campus is being adapted to special needs students and a tutor is chosen during his/her stay at IPB.
After selection of students, the learning agreements are signed by students and both HEIs. For DD master projects, the research work plan and the supervisors at both HEIs are defined. Assistance on visa, housing, and insurance is provided. For DD mobility, the previous academic record is recognized at this stage.

During mobility: The ICM students arrive at the IPB for a mobility period of at least 10 months and following the signed learning agreements. In the first week of mobility, students attend a free intensive Portuguese course. For master DD, a final public defence will occur at IPB by the end of the mobility period.

After mobility: The transcript of records is issued, guaranteeing the recognition at the home institution of all credits completed at IPB. For DD, IPB will issue the Portuguese bachelor or master diploma after the student successfully completes the mobility programme.

IPB students:
A similar calendar is followed for outgoing IPB students. Although the IPB’s ICM project emphasizes the incoming flows, IPB students will also take part of the DD and international mobility with co-supervision activities in some of the partner HEIs, as the DD recognition procedures for foreign students and its national legal frameworks begin to be well-established and guaranteed at these partners. A free intensive English course will be offered to outgoing students before departure.


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