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Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB, Portugal)

Started in 2014, the IPB Double Diploma International Platform, together with the Erasmus International Credit Mobility (ICM) project, is fully consolidated and running with unquestionable success.

The IPB DD platform is much more than student and staff mobility. It is shaped as an international platform to promote joint research outputs, staff development on the European HE best-practices, and to improve the management and operation of Partner HEIs in international relations capacities.

In eight years, the IPB DD platform involved 1200 students and 300 staff (governance boards, teaching and non-teaching staff) of more than 50 HEIs and 24 different non-EU Countries. Master theses were and are being co-supervised with clear and promising outputs, including co-author publications and communications at international conferences. This clearly positions the IPB DD international platform to remarkably contribute to the best results in international rankings, namely on student and staff international mobility and international joint publications


Below, you can find the testimonies of the different Partner HEIs on how the IPB ICM project fitted their internationalization strategies and the testimonies of the students involved.

Omsk State Technical University (OmSTU, Russia Federation)

Among all the mobility projects that the Omsk State Technical University undertakes with foreign institutions in the framework of the Erasmus project, collaboration with the IPB of Bragança at the Master level is taken as an example of a successful model that we wish to reproduce with other foreign institutions. Read the entire testimony


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Belarus State Economic University (BSEU, Belarus)

The cooperation is successfully realized via all the key actions of the structure of Erasmus+ programme: 1) mobility of individuals, 2) cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, 3) support for policy reform. (…) The exchange of experience with the IPB has facilitated transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications, as well as the transfer of credits, fostered quality assurance, supported validation of non-formal and informal learning, skills management and guidance. Read the entire testimony


University Hassiba Benbouali of Chlef (UHBC, Algeria)

During the academic years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, UHBC conducted an International credit mobility “ICM” with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança in Portugal, in the field of civil and industrial engineering. “Change by exchange” is one of our main slogans for the next decade. Actually, the mobility programme does not only influence the local students but also the university’s industrial and social partners. Read the entire testimony


Institut Agronomique et Véterinaire Hassan II (IAV, Morocco)

Among all the mobility projects that the IAV undertakes with foreign institutions in the framework of the Erasmus project, collaboration with the IPB of Bragança at the Master level is taken as a reference of a successful model that we wish to reproduce with other foreign institutions. Read the entire testimony


Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU, Russia Federation)

SPbPU key priorities are internationalization and increasing effectiveness of education and research at the university by means of advanced world experience implementation and taking into account national traditions of fundamental university education. At the moment one of the main strategic priorities for the SPbPU is the implementation of double degree programs both at the Master and Bachelor levels. Such program, a double degree program in Master level, is now being implemented with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. Read the entire testimony


Omsk State Agrarian University (OSAU, Russia Federation)

Internationalization strategy of Omsk SAU is based on the international activity of the University aimed to be integrated into the global scientific and educational network and promotion of our world image along with the ambition to be a brand of a modern innovative university able to produce world-class personnel units for agribusiness. Read the entire testimony


Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture (PSSA, Russia Federation)

Since 2016 our academy has been participating in the new Erasmus+ program (…) which provides scholarships to undergraduates from the Forestry Institute of Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture to study at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal) and which increases the opportunities for academic mobility of undergraduates and graduate students, and teachers. Read the entire testimony


Institut Superieur de Biotechnologie de Monastir (ISBM, Tunisia)

The Erasmus+ mobility program is an opportunity for contact between students and teachers of different nationalities. This collaboration is a very good opportunity which enabled master students to benefit from mobility and to be able to take a theoretical training and a high level practical experience in the field of Biotechnology. Read the entire testimony


Samara State Agricultural Academy (SSAA, Russia Federation)

Due to participation in ICM program, Institutions have the chance to improve the quality and relevance of their academic offer, to promote the mobility of students and graduates, and to contribute to a better international cooperation in Europe and in the World. Just one week at the IPB ICM Meeting brought new contacts on education exchange and international cooperation. Read the entire testimony



Elena Hasmik Badikyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Double Diploma in Information Systems (Master level)

This is the first time that Information Systems’ students from Armenia are studying at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB). I am so proud and excited that I have this chance to live and study in this wonderful city. Within the framework of Erasmus+ ICM program I got this big opportunity to increase professional horizons, learn new languages and to see the world from new perspectives. The teaching staff of IPB is professional, resourceful and also friendly and understanding. Beyond academic goals, one of the most valuable thing is that I communicated with many interesting and good people from all over the world, with different life experiences and behaviors. The Erasmus program helped me to find inspiration and made my life more colorful.


Elena Aissa Abderrahim, University Hassiba Benbouali of Chlef, Double Diploma in Construction Engineering (Master level)

The Erasmus+ DD program at IPB is very interesting and is broadening my horizons after studying at one of the leading institutes in Europe, learning from the best professors, with full access to books, literature, and articles. The program also provides me with the opportunity to improve my communication skills in foreign languages, as well as to socialize, have discussions, interact in the classroom, learn in creative ways, to become independent and more skillful. I have met people not only from Portugal, but also from Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, and many more countries. The Erasmus program not only promotes language learning and travelling, but also your tolerance, acceptance and desire for equality. It endorses a level of understanding of our world that I personally could never have appreciated by staying in one place and stressing too much over myself.


Elena Gohar Tomeyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Double Diploma in Information Systems (Master level)

I am so grateful that Erasmus+ ICM program gave me the chance to study in Europe. I am studying in the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal. My specialty is Information Systems and it is the second year of my master degree. When I finish my studies, I will receive a double master degree.
It is a big and invaluable experience to study in IPB. The IPB has high qualified and friendly professors. One important thing is to get acquainted with different students from different countries and to communicate with them. Erasmus+ program has given me a huge opportunity to improve my English, as well as to study new amazing languages such as Portuguese and I am so happy that I found new friends. Erasmus+ has been a wonderful experience for me, and I hope it will be a good experience for other students too. Bragança is such a warm and wonderful place, where I feel like home.


Elena Siranush Tarakhchyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Double Diploma in Management (Master level)

I am really happy that I have chance to be part of Erasmus+ ICM program. This is a good experience for me, to study in Bragança, which is a small, quiet and wonderful city. When I first time walked in Bragança, I understood that I like this city, which has old and beautiful architecture and you can walk whenever you want without using bus or car about an hour. People here are very kind; if you need some help, they will do everything to help you. The Erasmus+ ICM program gives me the ability to have a double diploma, studying at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB). IPB professors are very professional, smart and also very friendly and willing to help you every time. IPB have many foreign students from all over the world, and this is an opportunity to know new things, news cultures and to study new languages. From this experience, I understood that I am growing up and ready for a new life.


Elena Arevik Tadevosyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Double Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Master level)

I came to stay in the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) for ten months. Bragança is a small and beautiful city. Everybody who came, fell in love with this city. I am studying Chemical Engineering. IPB has modern laboratories and we did very interesting experiments. This is very important for every Chemical Engineering’s student. Professors have high qualification and they are always ready to help us. I am in Bragança under the Erasmus+ ICM program for a master double diploma. I am glad to study in IPB. Here I can make friends from different countries. Erasmus is a big celebration.


ElenaElena Dolid, Lutsk National Technical University, Double Diploma in International Business Management (Bachelor level)

Our life was truly changed by Erasmus experience. I have repeatedly heard about the Erasmus program and never thought that I could be part of it. I am in Portugal in the small and wonderful city of Bragança. Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) is the top university in Portugal regarding the number of international students. IPB provides excellent education and has well-educated and qualified teaching staff. We have classes together with regular students of IPB. They are very forthcoming and always ready to help us. Studying in IPB requires hard work but the teaching environment fully contributes to its facilitation. The primary objective of the program Erasmus+ is an international exchange by experience and international acquaintances. Erasmus changes you and your vision of the world. It helps to see the world from many perspectives, gives us the opportunity to learn foreign languages and extend professional horizons. Erasmus has been a wonderful experience for me and it’s for people who want to change their life to the best.


DavidDavid Kharatyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Double Diploma in Management (Master level)

Bragança is definitely one of the best cities for students as it is not only small and tranquil, but also very cheap. Actually, you can go anywhere inside the city in no more than thirty minutes. In addition, more than eight hundred international students study in the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança which makes our experience much more fun and diversified. After successfully finishing the modules I have started to write my master’s thesis which is about the financial ratios and indicators that affect return on equity. Teaching staff is not only professional, resourceful, but also friendly and understanding. I firmly believe that teaching methods in IPB are on par with international standards, and its definitely worth to do an Erasmus exchange in IPB. I would also like to highlight that within the frameworks of Erasmus+ project I have a great opportunity to get a double degree. Studying in IPB has been a valuable experience for me as I have had the chance to learn in a completely different environment full of international students.


AlenaAlena Kabylka, Belarus State Economic University, Double Diploma in Management (Master level)

IPB is one of the best universities in Portugal that each year receives international students, provides high quality education service (up-to-date academic programs, language courses, etc.) and has all necessary facilities for studies. IPB organizes the part-time of international students (concerts, intercultural meetings, sport tournaments, etc.). Bragança is a small town so all students stay together and it is easy to make new friends from different countries. Students are able to visit points of interests not only in Portugal but in other countries. After one semester of studies I could say that I’m really pleased to have an opportunity to participate in the International Credit Mobility program. Education process is very well organized, professors are professionals in the field, students in the class have good academic background. But the more important thing is that in IPB I enjoy not only studies, I found new friends.


VolodymyrVolodymyr Vasyliuk, Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine, Double Diploma in International Business Management (Bachelor level)

For the average Ukrainian student it is difficult to imagine an opportunity to study abroad, travel around the world and at the same time get an education in a Ukrainian university. But with the ICM Erasmus+ program it became a reality. One of the most valuable things for me during the Erasmus is communication with foreigners. It’s an invaluable experience. Staying in such an environment has very good effect on the improvement of English or any other language. Erasmus is not only about study or party. It is a special type of thinking. It teaches you to enjoy every day, every moment, use every opportunity you have. After all, the idea that this amazing time will end soon motivates you to action. At home you can always say I will do it later, tomorrow, next week, but in the end you did not do anything. Erasmus changes this mindset on let’s do it now.(read more at Impression of a student from FOF-LNTU)


Lilit Meri Hayrapetyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Double Diploma in Management (Master level)

Due to the Erasmus+ ICM program with IPB, I am in Bragança. Ten months I will stay here for study and also for defining my final thesis in IPB. It’s about five months that I am in Bragança. Five unforgettable months full of memories and fun. I don’t believe how time is going on. Bragança is a small, peaceful and beautiful city of Portugal. A small city with kind and careful inhabitants, rich of typical meals, habits and history. The first semester has already finished during which I had passed my lessons and the first course of Portuguese. Now I start to write my thesis, particularly I start to research about female entrepreneurship in Armenia. My Professors are very kind and friendly persons; everyone is special and interesting. It’s a great chance to be here new life, friends, culture, traveling. I get acquainted with many interesting and good people of over the world with different experiences and behaviours. A lot of parties and events, competitions and celebrations. Erasmus is a big international family and I wish everyone gets the opportunity to study abroad and get good experience. Erasmus isn’t one year in your life, but your life in one year. So let’s enjoy the life.


Meri Lilit Hayrapetyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Double Diploma in Management (Master level)

I’m so glad to the Erasmus+ ICM program, that gave me chance to study abroad, especially in the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB). Bragança is a small and quiet city of Portugal with beautiful nature and joyful people. Only writing isn’t enough for giving you that emotions and experience that I got here, but I’m sure it will infect you, and you will tend to be as I’m. The IPB has high qualified professors, friendly atmosphere and learning here will get you a lot of information, experience and desire to be clever, kind as my professors. Learning here was a huge opportunity for me, and continuing my master degree I will get double diploma. Staff of the IPB so often organize events, competitions, and they relate you as a part of them and it’s so appreciable and respectable. My life is absolute different here, every day gives you an interesting, unforgettable memories. Communicating with other students you are changing: your mind-set, behaviour, opinion and all you. All time spending together you are being friends with whom you share your meal, drinks, secrets and memory. I have already missed my friends that are going to leave Bragança after few days. As I’m staying here a semester more, I hope to get here more friends, more enjoyable moments, more experience.


Shavarsh  Shavarsh Zohrabyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Double Diploma in Management (Master level)

I am so proud, happy and excited that Erasmus+ ICM program gave me a chance to study in Europe.  I am studying in the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal). I am studying here Business Management and it is the second year of my master degree. Due to this program I will have double master degree. Studying abroad in Bragança is a life changing experience.  Every day is a new adventure that is thoroughly different from my life at home country Armenia. In the IPB I learned that developing strong relationships with people is one of the most important and rewarding things in life. I came with just a suitcase, but I am sure, that I will leave Portugal with some of my best friends. Living in the Portugal broadened my horizons and changed my perspective on world issues. I recommend every student to go abroad for a life time experience of learning, making friends, travel and fun. Just do it and you absolutely will love it. 



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