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IPB ICM Meeting:
For incoming staff members, the IPB organizes an annual meeting, designed as an Intensive Programme (IP). The objective is to gather in a training event all the partners HEIs’ staff members.

The meeting programme includes:
  • Introducing the IPB ICM Meeting. Reporting ICM outputs and challenges;
  • Introducing IPB. Visit to the city and IPB Campus and facilities;
  • Workshop on the Portuguese and the European HE systems, the ECTS, mobility tools, recognition procedures, and double diploma programmes;
  • Meetings with IPB Governance; School Deans and ICM Programme Directors;
  • Meetings with ICM students;
  • Meetings with IPB researchers and co-supervision activities;
  • Seminars by ICM partner teaching staff (for Portuguese and ICM students);
  • Staff meetings;
  • International contacts with EU HEIs (Erasmus Week).
The grants for teaching mobility are awarded to professors with co-supervision activities at IPB within the ICM project. The Partner professors will also participate with seminars to ICM and Portuguese students (in English) in the same area of the double diploma project.

The grants for training mobility are awarded to deans, professors or non-teaching staff in charge with the ICM project management at the partner HEI, particularly the mobility tools and recognition procedures. Partner HEIs recognize staff mobility within their professional activities and career development.

The IPB ICM Meeting is held together with the IPB Erasmus Week, an annual event that joins teaching and non-teaching staff from different EU countries (www.ipb.pt/erasmusweek). The simultaneous attainment of these two events enables the ICM partner HEIs to enlarge their international relations capacities and to become directly acquainted with the Erasmus+ programme European context.

IPB visits to ICM Partners:
The IPB outgoing staff mobility is used to promote the ICM project at the partner HEI (to both students and staff) and to introduce the rules, procedures and best-practices to be followed under the scope of the interinstitutional agreement. A one-week agenda is established with the partner HEI, including:
  • Introducing IPB and partner HEI. Reporting ICM outputs and challenges;
  • Visit to the partner city, Campus and facilities;
  • Meetings with teachers and staff in charge with the ICM project at the partner HEI: briefing on the ongoing mobility of ICM students at IPB; meetings with current co-supervisors; checking the calendar and deadlines for the ongoing and the upcoming ICM editions;
  • Seminars for students and teachers;
  • Meetings with teachers and researchers in the area(s) of the ICM project: presenting the research interests of IPB teachers; promoting and planning future shared work plans for master thesis and/or bachelor final projects;
  • Meetings with students, teachers and staff: promoting the IPB and the ICM project; introducing the upcoming students’ application process (together with the ICM partner).
The IPB mobility grants are awarded to deans, course directors and teachers in charge with the double diploma programmes and the co-supervision of ICM partner students. IPB recognizes staff mobility throughout its regular institutional performance evaluation system and considers staff international experience as an added-value for career development.


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