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IPB and its partners agreed on a guide for monitoring and evaluating the ICM project outcomes, using performance metrics, and evaluation and satisfaction surveys to IPB and HEIs’ students and staff, namely on: general performance metrics (number of countries and HEIs involved, number of student and staff flows, number of DD awarded); quality and transparency of the student and staff selection procedures (fulfilment of prerequisites, gender parity, disadvantaged and special needs participants); support given before and during mobility (assistance, language support, integration in the academic and civil community); quality and relevance of ICM training (IP) and teaching activities; quality and impact of co-supervision (ICM and further research cooperation outputs raised from the contact between co-supervisors); academic success of the student mobility period; quality and transparency of the recognition procedures for international mobility and for double diploma awarding.
The monitoring data and surveys are analysed by partners leading to corrective and improvement actions.

IPB ICM project: issues and tools for monitoring and evaluation.
Student selection       
Staff selection      
Gender parity      
Disadvantaged and special needs participants      
Language support      
Students' academic success      
Impact of co-supervision      
Recognition at home HEI      
DD awarding      
IPB ICM meeting training      
Support given by IPB's IRO      


ICM Participants:

ICM Partners & Student Mobility (2015-2022)
Brazilian Partners & Student Mobility (2014-2022)
Student Mobility by IPB DD programme (2014-2022)
ICM Partners & Staff Mobility (2015-2022)


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