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Robotics is a current pinnacle of technical development being present in several sectors of our lives, from industry (e.g. welding, painting and assembling components in the automotive industry) to services (e.g. making guided visits to museums and disarming mining fields) passing for the rehabilitation of people. Robotics plays a crucial role in the improvement of enterprises’ competitiveness and in the wealth of people.

To face the referred challenges, the intensive course on Robotic Systems aims to provide a first insight knowledge about robotics, presenting the concepts and technologies for different domain applications, namely industrial robotics, autonomous mobile robotics and robotics applied in medicine. The setup of the intensive course is only possible with the complementary and multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise inputs from the six European High-level Education Institutions: the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (www.ipb.pt) from Portugal, the Universities of Salamanca (http://www.usal.es/webusal/) and Valladolid (http://www.uva.es/) from Spain, the Loughborough University (http://www.lboro.ac.uk/) from United Kingdom, the Mevlana University (http://www.mevlana.edu.tr/) from Turkey and the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer (http://www.hs-emden-leer.de) from Germany.

In the E3S Intensive Programme the students attend lectures together with Portuguese and foreign students, which will give them an opportunity to become acquainted with different cultures. This will be a valuable asset in their robotic systemsculture. The courses will be entirely taught in English by lecturers from the six partners institutions.

At the end, each participant receives a proficiency certificate that is worth 6 ECTS credits.

The Technical-Scientific Council of the School of Technology and Management from Instituto Politécnico de Bragança already approved the recognition of the studies undertaken within the intensive programme in its studies plans, namely in the:
  • Fundaments of Robotics” course from the Licentiate in Informatics − Engineering;
  • “Medical Robotics” course from the Master in Biomedical Technology;
  • “Automation Systems” course from the Master in Industrial Engineering, specializations in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.
The council of the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the Mevlana University already approved the recognition of the studies undertaken within the IP programme as part of course in its study plan, namely “EEM3008 DESIGN IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING” (ECTS 5) NB.
Remark: The other partners are also developing the efforts to ensure the recognition of the studies undertaken within the intensive programme in their studies plans.

The program will be hosted by School of Technology and Management (ESTiG) at Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. All E3S Intensive Programme participants will be considered part of the ESTiG community and are afforded the same rights and privileges as regular students, so you will quickly feel integrated into the heart of the School. The atmosphere around campus is friendly and interactive and you may develop friendships which will last well beyond the programme. That is why we are offering you a unique kind of opportunity.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Programme.

Warm regards,
Professor Paulo Leitão
E3SIP Coordinator.
IP Coordinator
Paulo Leitão
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Department: Electrical Engineering
School of Technology and Management
Campus de Santa Apolónia
5300-253 Bragança - Portugal
Phone: +351 273 303 065
Fax: +351 273 325 405
Key Dates
IP Date:
07/07/2014 to 18/07/2014
Arrival to Bragança:
Departure from Bragança:


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