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Post-Graduation in Digital Marketing

Qualification awarded (in original language)
Pós-Graduação em Marketing Digital. Certidão de Pós-Graduação em Marketing Digital

Level of qualification
Pós Graduação

Admission requirements
Can apply to the postgraduation, Bachelor's degree holders or equivalent, holders of a foreign academic degree and holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum relevant, as stated in the description of the Higher Education System Portuguese, provided by NARIC (http://www.dges.mctes.pt/DGES/pt/Reconhecimento/NARICENIC/).

Recognition of prior learning
Not applicable.

Qualification requirements and regulations
30 ECTS, 1 semester

Profile of the programme
The digital transformation of the last decades has revolutionized the way people relate to information. The current reality focuses on information as the competitive and differentiating engine of organizations. The volume, complexity, structuring and mechanisms for making information available today demand a much more demanding profile from the marketing professional, with regard to the instruments available to them to work in a more analytical way and with a very demanding time-to -market.
The Post-Graduation in Digital Marketing aims to create assets with a 360° view focused on the customer and on the definition of differentiating local and global strategies, with the potential to generate competitive advantages for organizations, integrating knowledge and technological skills to streamline and optimize decision-making based on in data. Digital Marketing

Key learning outcomes

Occupational profiles of graduates
The Post-Graduation in Digital Marketing aims to provide students with training that allows them, through a strategically defined curricular structure, to acquire skills that allow them to conceive, create, plan and execute marketing campaigns and activities based on the domains of digital and based on the use of data and all types of organizations.

Access to further studies

Graduation requirements
Conclusão dos 30 ECTS que compõe o plano curricular da formação.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading
Examination and assessment are regulated by the IPB general regulation, available in www.ipb.pt/sa, and by the School pedagogical regulation, available in www.esact.ipb.pt.
Consult this Guide under the option “The ECTS at the IPB” for information on the grading and qualification system.

Mode of study
Parcial Time

Programme director
Ricardo Jorge Vieira Correia (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Scientific areas of the study plan
Scientific AreaAcronymECTS Credits
Computer SciencesCS1.00.0
marketing and advertisingMA27.00.0

Course structure
YearSemTypeCodeCourse UnitScientific
11 Semestral 
11 Semestral 
Presentation and SeminarsMA1.0
11 Semestral 
Content Marketing And CriativityMA2.0
11 Semestral 
Customer Journey and Customer ExperienceMA2.0
11 Semestral 
Customer Relationship ManagementMA1.0
11 Semestral 
Data Mining & Big DataCS1.0
11 Semestral 
Digital Metrics & AnalyticsMA2.0
11 Semestral 
Digital lawLaw2.0
11 Semestral 
E-Commerce & Social SellingCS3.0
11 Semestral 
E-mail & Marketing AutomationMA2.0
11 Semestral 
Digital Marketing Strategy and PlanMA2.0
11 Semestral 
Mobile MarketingCS1.0
11 Semestral 
11 Semestral 
Search Engine Marketing & OptimizationMA2.0
11 Semestral 
Social Media MarketingMA2.0
11 Semestral 
Social Networking & PresentationMA1.0
11 Semestral 
Emerging Technologies in Digital MarketingCS1.0
11 Semestral 
Digital Transformation and MarketingMA1.0
11 Semestral 
Video MarketingMA1.0

Not applicable.


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