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General description of the School
The School of Higher Education (ESEB) is a public institution of higher education that was created by the Decree-Law No. 513-T/79, 26/12 and started in the academic year of 1986/87. Its present regulations are the Law No. 62/2007, dated from September 10th, and the Statutes of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, published by the Normative Dispatch No. 62/2008 (DR no. 236, 2nd Series, December 5th).

Despite having specific goals towards initial qualification of Pre-school and Basic School Teachers (1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycles), ESEB also qualifies professionals in areas as Arts, Sports, Social Education, Environmental Education and Languages. Counting currently more than 1700 students, ESEB awards bachelor’s and master’s degrees in several specializing fields and offers post-secondary specializing technological programmes (CET) (Level V).

ESEB has contributed to reinforcing the professional qualification of youngsters and adults of the region. Besides the several partnerships for the realization of internships in institutions of the region, ESEB delivers two technological specialization programmes in the town of Mogadouro every year.

At the international level, ESEB keeps a cooperation agreement with the Institute of São Tomé and Prince and delivers three master's programmes in São Tomé. Agreements with the universities of Salamanca and Valladolid support the cooperation of Professors of these universities in some master's programmes of ESEB. Agreements between IPB and Chinese universities, allow ESEB to deliver, here in Bragança, an annual programme in Portuguese Language and Culture to students of the bachelor's programme in Portuguese Studies of the Nanjin University of Communications (CUCN) and Portuguese language free courses in Zhuhai to students of the Beijin National University (BNUZ).

ESEB counts on 80 full-time teachers and 40 external collaborators with 40% part-time contracts. 38% of the full-time teachers hold a PhD, 50% a master's and 12% a bachelor's degree. 40% of the staff who do not hold a PhD are enrolled in doctorate programmes and are expected to get their degrees in 2012 and 2013. ESEB also counts on 25 technical and administrative staff, 50% of which hold a graduation.

ESEB has participated in national programmes for the upgrading of teachers, namely for the acquisition of a first degree by those who hold under-graduation diplomas, and has offered post-graduated specialization programmes to the teachers and other technicians of the region. Among its responsibilities in this area are the Programme of In-service Teacher Training in the district of Bragança and the Programme of Continuous Training developed by the Ministry of Education: FOCO, FORGEST, MINERVA, NONIO, Basic Skills in ICT for 1st Cycle teachers and pupils, Qualification in ICT (1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycles and Secondary School), Teaching Maths (1st and 2nd Cycles), Experimental Teaching of Sciences (1st Cycle), Teaching Portuguese (1st Cycle).

The School has developed scientific research and dissemination projects, many of them in the frame of financing lines by FCT and by the Live Science Programme and the Portuguese Sports Institute.
At the level of the liaison with the local community, it is worth referring:
. the collaboration with the Open University supporting students with bibliography and resources and delivering exams;
. the ruling and pedagogical supervision of the Music Conservatory of Bragança, under a protocol with the Fundação Os Nossos Livros and a partnership with the City Council of Bragança;
. the design and setting up of the Museum of Mask for the City Council of Bragança;
. the representation of the IPB in the Municipal Education Council;
. the definition of the Education Chart of Bragança under commitment of the City Council of Bragança;
. the participation in the Project of Rural Schools, coordinated by the Institute of Education Communities;
. the pedagogical supervision of the teachers of English in the 1st Cycle of Basic School in Bragança and Vinhais, supporting the Groups of Schools in both municipalities in the starting year of the project (2005/06);
. the participation in and the implementation of activities (walks in rural spaces and mountain biking, among others) of the Programme Healthy Bragança/Solidary Bragança, promoted by the City Council of Bragança;
. the programme of physical endurance GymnaEscola offered to all the community;
. the programme of languages teaching and translation offered by the Language Centre to all the community;
. the participation in the Scientific-Pedagogical Council of Continuous Teacher Training through one of its teachers;
. the participation in the Health Service of IPB through one of its teachers;
. the undertaking of music concerts, sports events, and exhibitions by the teachers and the students of the School, integrated in cultural activities developed by the local authorities and institutions.

Name and address
Escola Superior de Educação
Campus de Santa Apolónia
5300-253 Bragança

Phone (+351) 273 330 600/1/2
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic authorities
    Carlos Manuel Costa Teixeira

    Catarina Margarida da Silva Vasques
    Mario Anibal Goncalves Rego Cardoso

ECTS school co-ordinators
Alexia Dotras Bravo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Vitor Manuel Barrigao Goncalves (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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