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The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, ECTS, comprises the adoption of a series of tools which enhances transparency and establishes the necessary conditions for an approach between higher education institutions and, as such, enlarges the range of options for students. The use of this system improves comparability, mobility and full recognition of students’ academic results.
The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança makes use of ECTS as well as of the principles of the Bologna declaration in all of its programmes and also in the implementation of mobility among higher education institutions intra- and extra-EU.
The main tools used to make ECTS work at the IPB are:
  1. The Information Package which is available from www.ipb.pt/ectsguide and provides useful information about the institution, its schools, the organization and structure of degrees and programmes (including course syllabuses), as well as general information for students;
  2. The crediting system, or ECTS credits, which are a value allocated to course units and degree programmes to describe the student workload required to complete them successfully. They reflect the quantity of work each course requires in relation to the total amount of work required to complete a full year of academic study at the institution;
  3. The grading and qualification system shows the national grading and qualification system used at the IPB. Besides, you can also verify the European comparability grading scale (ECTS grading scale) which facilitates the understanding and comparison of grades given in the different higher education national systems;
  4. The tools used for students while studying abroad, namely, the learning agreement and the transcript of records. The first one describes the programme of study abroad and is drawn up for each individual student. The second shows the academic results achieved by the student in a clear and comprehensible way, thus allowing its transfer from one institution to another in a simple and transparent way.
  5. The diploma supplement, a document which gives a precise description of the students’ academic career and the competencies acquired during the study period with the aim of improving transparency, facilitating mobility and employability, thus promoting academic and professional recognition.
For further details please click on the options provided for this menu and the following documentation:
ECTS Users’ Guide;
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) web page.


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