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(For students with International Student Status: non-Portuguese, non-European and other students without permanent address in Portugal for the last two years)

Check FAQs for further details.

The admission procedure step by step

1st step - Provide the documentation
To begin the admission process, you need to provide the following documents:
• Authenticated certificate confirming the approval in a secondary education course or in a legally equivalent course; (*)
• Authenticated certificate of all the course units and grades obtained in the secondary, and, if applicable, certificate of approval in the final exams and grades obtained; (*)
• Document proving the level of proficiency in English (or in Portuguese, if the programme you are applying to is lectured in Portuguese);
• Photocopy of passport;
International Student Declaration of Honour;
Curriculum Vitae in English.

(*)These documents should be authenticated by the Portuguese Embassy.

2nd step - Payment of emoluments
The emoluments for the admission process are of 525,00€ (five hundred and twenty five euros), to cover the following costs and services:
  • Application fee (25,00 EUR);
  • Verification of the authenticity of the documents near the official authorities and the institutions that issued the former diplomas and certificates (500,00€).
Application fee for applicants from a Member State of the European Union: 25,00€.

Only after the payment of this fee the transfer process will be considered for analysis. The International Relations Office (IRO) will send you all the details concerning the bank transfer.

3rd step - Results (verify your mailbox)
The list of classified candidates will be published on the website www.ipb.pt/prospective-students, option "Bachelor programme" / "Results", within the deadlines established in the “Academic calendar”. The results of the application will also be divulged via e-mail.

4th Step - Enrolment fee
Enrollment in the IPB will be exclusively online.
  1. Admitted candidates will receive all necessary information about enrollment.
  2. Admitted candidates will receive, at the beginning of the enrollment period, via email or SMS sent to the telephone number indicated in the application, a password that will allow them to access the IPB enrollment platform.
  3. Admitted candidates must enroll within the deadlines established by the IPB;
  4. Admitted candidates who do not register within the established period will lose the place and will not be refunded any fee that has been paid within the application period;
  5. At the time of enrollment, admitted candidates must pay the first installment of the tuition fee, via bank transfer in the amount of €144.10 (one hundred and forty-four euros and ten cents). Proof of bank transfer must be submitted in the corresponding field on the enrolment registration form.
  6. At the time of enrollment, candidates must submit their individual health bulletin with the regularized tetanus vaccine (this document can be submit after arriving at the IPB).
5th Step - Requesting for an admission letter for a study visa
After validation the enrollment, the candidate must request online the declaration for visa purposes. The issuance of the enrolment declration for a visa purposes has a cost of €75.00, and payment must be made by bank transfer. The IPB will notify the competent authorities of the list of admitted students, through the "Via Rapida" mechanism, established by Portaria No. 111/2019 of April 12.

6th Step - Health insurance and accommodation
The IPB provides an insurance that only covers accidents that occur on the Institute premises during the days and months that school is open for classes. International students should take out a private health insurance in the respective country of origin. It is recommended that students acquire previous knowledge of all the conditions and coverage foreseen in Portugal.
The IPB can’t provide accommodation for international students in the students’ residences. Nevertheless, the International Office can help you finding housing.

7th Step - Arriving at IPB
The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança has an integration program for new students – Mentoring Academy (https://mentoringacademy.ipb.pt). The Mentoring Academy aims to contribute to the integration, academic and personal success of the students of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança.



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