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The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança carries out an ambitious internationalization programme with widely recognized success, including the annual mobility of more than 500 incoming and outgoing students and 100 teaching staff members. This is the result of the collaboration with several European higher education institutions and with universities from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries. The IPB, in collaboration with its internal departments - the Image and Student Support Office, the Entrepreneurship Promoting Office, the International Relations Office and the Association of the International Student - offers all its students, including international students under mobility programmes, a unique opportunity to study and live in a young and innovative academic atmosphere.

The realization of a period of mobility in IPB of a student from a European higher education requires the existence of a bilateral agreement between the two institutions and the establishment of an individual learning agreement which defines the course units the student will attend during the period of mobility in IPB. Check the IPB ECTS Guide to get all the information about the courses and the courses units available. The establishment of this agreement is made between the student and coordinators of both institutions. The student interested in spending a period of mobility in the IPB should request information about this programme in the international relations office (or other responsible entity) of the home institution.

Documents to be sent after your selection:
After the selection of Erasmus students by the home institution, the student or the international office of the home institution should send to the International Relations Office (IRO) of IPB the following documents:
a) 2 Learning Agreement, properly filled in;
b) 1 Photo;
c) 1 Copy of the identity card or passport;

Before arriving at IPB. Accommodation:
IPB can’t provide accommodation for Erasmus students in the students’ residences. Nevertheless, it is easy and inexpensive to arrange accommodation in Bragança and Mirandela. Both cities have modern housing at very competitive prices. You can rent a single room with private bathroom for about 120 € per month. This value is often lower if you share a room or when several students decide to rent an apartment. After confirming the period of mobility, Erasmus students should immediately contact the International Office that will help you to obtain housing. IPB also has an Erasmus students’ network association which plays a key role in the integration of Erasmus students and complements the service provided by the IRO. This association provides support in obtaining housing in Bragança. Interested students may contact the association via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and visit the web page at www.erasmus.embraganca.info/indexEN.php.

Arriving at IPB:
Students should arrive to Bragança on time for the Opening Session. The Opening Session is organised in the morning of the first day of classes, in the Auditorium of the School of Technology and Management of IPB. During the Session, students will be given all the important information, receive the Erasmus booklet and their arrival will be confirm in order to send the certificate of arrival to their home institution. Students who will study at the School of Communication, Management and Tourism (EsACT) in the city of Mirandela should contact the Erasmus Coordinator (Professor Fernando Lima, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
The IPB provides all Erasmus students a Portuguese Language Course of 30 hours and equivalent to 3 ECTS credits. The course takes place in two editions every academic year (at the beginning of each semester) and it is free of charges. Students who successfully attend the course will be given a certificate. Students should notify their interest in attending this course to the International Relations Office.

Before departing from IPB:
At the end of the mobility period and before returning to their home institution, Erasmus students should go to the IRO (or contact the Coordinator for the Erasmus students if you study in Mirandela) to:
a) Hand over the Erasmus booklet;
b) Sign the departure sheet;
c) Receive the Portuguese Language Course Certificate (in case of frequency and approval).
Subsequently, the IRO will send the Transcript of Records to the home institution.

For additional clarification of doubts, concerning learning agreement and permanence at IPB, please contact the International Relations Office (Sylwia Solczak; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and the Erasmus Coordinators from each School of the IPB (see Contacts).


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