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The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança carries out an ambitious internationalization programme with widely recognized success, including the annual mobility of more than 1000 incoming and outgoing students and 150 teaching and staff members. This is the result of the collaboration with hundreds of  European higher education institutions and with institutions from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries. The IPB, in collaboration with its internal departments - the Image and Student Support Office, the Entrepreneurship Promoting Office, the International Relations Office and the Association of the International Student - offers all its students, including international students under mobility programmes, a unique opportunity to study and live in a young and innovative academic atmosphere.


Important Dates

Application period:

    Autumn semester (starts in mid-September): 1 March - 1 July

    Spring semester (starts in mid-February): 1 September - 1 December

Erasmus Opening Session – first day of the semester

Intensive Portuguese Course – first week of the semester, starting after the Erasmus Opening Session

Check out the holidays in the Academic Calendar http://www.ipb.pt/go/d733

How to apply?

  1. Nomination

Your university’s International Relations Office have to nominate Erasmus students by email to Sylwia Solczak Melo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that you can’t nominate yourself.

  1. Learning Agreement

Once your university nominates you, you will receive an email with the information and the document of Learning Agreement that you should fill in on computer. Check the IPB ECTS Guide http://www.ipb.pt/go/d731 to get all the information about the courses and the courses units available.

Once your draft is ready, send back the Word file to Sylwia Solczak Melo for the confirmation and correction, if needed. You will received the confirmed file by email and then you should print it, sign it, get it signed by your Erasmus Coordinator and send back the good quality scan of it and your ID as well.

  1. Acceptance Letter

Once we receive your confirmed signed Learning Agreement, we will send you the Acceptance Letter by email.

  1. Accommodation
    IPB can’t provide accommodation for Erasmus students in the students’ residences. Nevertheless, it is easy and inexpensive to arrange accommodation in Bragança and Mirandela. You can rent a single room with private bathroom for about 140 € per month. This value is often lower if you share a room or when several students decide to rent an apartment. After confirming the period of mobility, Erasmus students should immediately contact the International Office that will help you to obtain housing. IPB also cooperates with ESN (Erasmus Student Network), which plays a key role in the integration of Erasmus students and complements the service provided by the IRO.
  2. Arriving at IPB
    Students should arrive to Bragança on time for the Opening Session. The Opening Session is organized in the morning of the first day of classes of each semester. During this session, students will be given all the important information about the steps that they need to take to be successful in their Erasmus mobility. Students presence on that session will be noted and then their Arrival Letters will be send to their home Institutions by email in order to receive the Erasmus grant.

Students who will study at the School of Communication, Management and Tourism (EsACT) in the city of Mirandela should go directly to Mirandela and meet their Erasmus Coordinator there at the School.

  1. Free Portuguese Language Courses

The IPB offers two Portuguese Language Courses of 30 hours per semester to all international students.

The first course is an intensive one and happens during the first week of each semester. The second course, of the next level, is given at late evenings during the rest of the semester, 3 hours per week. Students who successfully attend the course will be given a certificate with the mark. One course is equivalent to 3 ECTS credits once added to the Learning Agreement.

      7. Before departing from IPB
At the end of the mobility period and before returning to their home institution, Erasmus students should go to the International relations Office (IRO) to sign the departure sheet and receive the Confirmation of Stay.Later on, the IRO will send the Transcript of Records to the home institution by registered post, previously sending the scan by email to the student and home IRO.For additional clarification of doubts, concerning learning agreement and permanence at IPB, please contact the International Relations Office (Sylwia Solczak Melo; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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