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Qualification awarded (in original language)
Graduate Quality and Health Audits

Level of qualification
Professional qualification.

Admission requirements
Holders of degree or equivalent in Health Sciences, Economic, political, social and others.
Holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the Bologna model for an adherent State to this process;
Holders of an academic, scientific and / or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting the ability to attend the course, by the Technical and Scientific Council in each school.

Recognition of prior learning
Following the implementation of the Bologna Process and the consequent legislation regarding the mobility of students among degrees and higher education institutions, prior learning must be recognized and credited. The prior learning concept comprises all the previous learning/training undertaken in other higher education study cycles in national or international institutions (crediting of certified training), as well as previous professional experience and any post-secondary school training or education. As such, the IPB promotes the crediting of the student’s prior learning when arriving at the institution.
Aiming at a quick and full integration of the student in his/her new education programme, the recognition procedures must be submitted when enrolling at the IPB.
For further enquiries on crediting and recognizing prior learning and training at the IPB (calendars, procedures and assessment criteria), please go to the Applicant Portal at www.ipb.pt/portaldocandidato.

Qualification requirements and regulations

The holders of this course are allowed to develop an expertise Professional activity.

Profile of the programme
The course Postgraduate Diploma in Quality and Audits Health aims to provide theoretical foundations that allow the acquisition of skills, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors in management, quality and health audits constitutes a necessary and indispensable tool to promote development posture of professional and systematic management according to recognized benchmarks. Audits, Management and Health.

Key learning outcomes
The Graduate Nursing Management is awarded to students who demonstrate the ability to:
a) To promote the implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the Portuguese health sector;
b) professional Qualify able to promote the implementation and continuous improvement of the QMS;
c) contribute to the implementation of tools that can enhance added value to any product / service developed by providers of health care entities.

Specific objectives
a) apply the cross-cutting principles of organizational management in the field of leadership and people management;
b) Interpret financial information;
c) Implement a quality management system according to ISO 9001 at any Health Unit;
d) Audit the SGQjá implemented and draw up improvement plans for the system;
e) Manage a QMS in a Health Unit in an improvement of perspective continues.

Occupational profiles of graduates
This formation belongs to the education and training area of Health Sciences and Social Protection. Graduates are specialized to develop a professional activity within the profile of the programme. This area constitutes currently an intervention area of the utmost strategic importance and essential face to ensure the quality of health services.

Access to further studies
The course allows the students to continue to the 2nd and 3rd cycles according to the diagram of Portuguese Higher Education System.

Graduation requirements

Examination regulations, assessment and grading
Examination and assessment are regulated by the IPB general regulation, available in www.sa.ipb.pt, and by the School pedagogical regulation, available in www.essa.ipb.pt.

Mode of study

Programme director
Ana Maria Geraldes Rodrigues Pereira (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Scientific areas of the study plan
Scientific AreaAcronymECTS Credits
Integrated projectIP5.00.0
Management of Healthcare OrganizationsMHO6.00.0
Qualification of AuditorsQA6.00.0
Quality Management SystemsQMS6.00.0
Statistical Process ControlSPC3.00.0

Course structure
YearSemTypeCodeCourse UnitScientific



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